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Just 5 miles outside of town is a free campground called Beaver Dick Park.  Beaver Dick Park is a popular gathering place among college students, for bon-fires, camping, and water sports.


The park’s facilities include: fire pits, a children’s playground, volleyball nets, bathrooms, and a boat dock.  Its position next to the river makes it an ideal place for canoeing, swimming and fishing.

Why is it called “Beaver Dick”?

By the way, if you’re wondering about the name… The park is named after an old 19th century trapper nick-named Beaver Dick, who settled the area in the early 1800’s.

How to get to Beaver Dick

1. Head west out of town on Main St.
2. Go 5 miles and turn left.  There will be a sign that say’s “Historical Site” right before the turn off.

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