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Camus National Wildlife Refuge is a beautiful area for bird-watching or site-seeing.  Consisting mainly of lakes and marshes, it  is home to a variety of birds and wild life.  During the peak times of migration (March to April, as well as October) there are tens of thousands of birds within the refuge.  The Park is a popular place to see swans, bald eagles, and a variety of other birds and animals.

How to get to Camus

1. Go west on Main Street out of town. (20 Miles)
2. Head north on I-15 (6.5 Miles)
3. Take Exit 150 (Hammer exit)
4. Turn right on Camus Creek Rd.
5. Turn left on Old Butte Hwy (out of Hammer)
6. Turn left on Refuge Rd.  Camus Refuge will be on your left.