by Steven Monson

The goal of is simple.  To be the most useful and entertaining source for all things-fun-to-do-in-or-around-Rexburg.

A Work in Progress…

As time goes on, I’ll be adding new articles, as well as making user interface improvements to this site.  Currently there are 34 articles covering a variety of topics but I have plans to add many more, including seasonal articles about fall.  Register here to stay in the loop.

I Want To Hear your thoughts

The best projects accept ideas from lots of sources.  If any of you have any suggestions about how we can make the site more useful or entertaining, please leave your comments below.  As you look through the site, add your own thoughts and  insights about places you’ve visited.  If there is an error, or you feel something important should be added, let me know and I’ll make updates accordingly.  You can also contact me directly.

Want To Help?

I’d love to get community support on this.  If you are interested in becoming a contributing writer for please register here.