Steven Monson | | Swimming,Near Rexburg

Green Canyon is a hot spring-heated, swimming pool east of Rexburg. Open all year round, the 96 degree pool is one place you can enjoy a dip in the winters of Rexburg.

Pool hours vary, depending on what time of year it is.  During winter the pools are only open on Friday and Saturday and close at 9:00pm.

The rest of the year, they are open Monday through Saturday and stay open  until 10:00pm.

Entry is $4.85 $6.25 per person. See complete rates at:

How to get to there:

1. Go North on 2nd East past Walmart.
2. Turn right onto Highway 33.
3. Turn right on Main Street and go through Sugar City. The road will take you back onto Highway 33.
4. Continue on Highway 33 (15miles) until you cross to Canyon Creek.  There will be a sign on you right that says “Green Canyon”.
5. Follow the road for 4 miles.  Green Canyon Hot Springs will be on your left.