Steven Monson | | Outdoor,parks,Near Rexburg

One of the most beautiful as well as accessible waterfalls around, Mesa Falls is about an hour’s drive from Rexburg (45 miles).  Mesa Falls is actually two waterfalls: The Upper Falls is more famous, and has a walkway that provides a close up view, while the Lower Falls can be seen from a scenic overlook from about a mile away.

Upper Falls also has a small gift shop nearby and includes information signs along the trail.  However, there is a small parking fee at the Upper Falls, though you can park at the Lower Falls for free and hike up to the Upper Falls.

Admission: Free (possible small fee for parking)

Direction to Mesa Falls:

1. From Rexburg, head North on Highway 20 (the main highway) for 25 miles.
2. At Ashton Turn right on Main Street. There will be signs directing you to Mesa Falls.
3. Follow Main through town.  The same road will take you all the way up the canyon to the falls. You will see signs for both the Lower and Upper Falls.