Steven Monson | | Outdoor,Swimming,Near Rexburg

Monkey Rock

Monkey Rock is a popular swimming hole, about 20 minutes outside of Rexburg.  Marked with a beautiful waterfall and pleasant waters. The fall is about 15 feet high and people often jump off the falls into the water.  You can also go behind the waterfall into a shallow alcove in the rock.

Disclaimer: Monkey rock has undercurrents in places.  The waters can be dangerous.  People have died here in the past, so please be careful and use good judgement.


How to get there:

1. Head North out of Rexburg on 2nd East
2. Turn right at the fork just past Walmart (onto Highway 33)
3. Follow Highway 33 to Sugar City.
4. Turn right on Main Street in Sugar City.  Follow Main Street out of town. Head east on Highway 33.
5. Follow the highway 6 miles to Newdale.
6. Turn left on Main Street in Newdale.
7. Follow the road for 3 miles. It will turn abruptly left and then right, just follow the road.
8. After 3 miles, you’ll cross a bridge.  Turn left immediately after the bridge (350 North). Continue ¼ mile.  Monkey Rock will be on your left.