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The Nature Park in the Northeast corner of Rexburg, is a massive 15 acre recreation center, complete with fishing ponds, walking trails, playgrounds, a roller-hockey rink, and skate park.
To get there, go west on Main Street and turn right at 5th West.  The road will curve to the left and take you to the park.  However this grassy area with playground and pavilions is only the southern tip of the park.

If you continue North, and take your first left, you will pass the skate park and come to an area with ponds and walking trails. Ducks are a popular attraction here, as well as the scenery.  People regularly come to feed the ducks, go fishing, and take walks along the scenic walking trails.

Duck Ponds (fishing ponds)


ducks in naturepark

Ducks and geese assemble as visitors throw bread crumbs. These waterfowl are a permanent feature of the park, and can often be seen even in the winter, due in part to a hot spring in the pond. Families and visitors regularly come to feed the ducks.


The ponds are home to flocks of geese and ducks.  The ponds are also open for fishing to anyone who has a fishing licence.  Duck feeding is open to anyone with access to bread.

Frisbee Golf

Recently a frisbee golf course was added to the Nature Park.  It can be found in the northeast corner just past the skate park.

Roller-Hockey Rink

A roller-hockey rink, complete with goal frames, and rink walls, is available for use at the south end of Nature Park.

The Skate Park

Though technically a separate park, Skate Park is so close to Nature park, it’s practically part of it.  A popular attraction, where you can bring your bike, roller blades, or skateboard and try your hand at the various dips, jumps, bowls, and half pipes.

Other Features

  • Wildlife and Waterfowl
  • Walking Paths
  • Children’s Playground
  • Picnic Shelters (4)
  • Restrooms