Steven Monson | | Outdoor,parks,Swimming,Near Rexburg

The Sand Bar in St. Anthony is a little public park next to the river.  It’s called the Sand Bar because there’s  a strip of sand (that I assume was imported from the Sand Dunes) along the bank of the river.  There’s a diving board and a water slide, and best of all it’s free!

A word of caution: Swimming in any open river is dangerous.  There are undercurrents in the river, and students have died in the past, so please be careful!  Stay inside the area marked off by the

buoys. Also  don’t dive head first off the diving board, as there is the possibility of hitting floating debris.

How to get there:

Go North on Highway 20 (to get to highway 20, go west on Main Street)
Travel 11 miles to St. Anthony.  Get off on the Bridge St. Exit
Turn left onto Bridge St.
Cross the bridge and turn right on Main Street.
Turn right on 3rd East.  (It will be your second right)
The sand bar will be on your right.