Steven Monson | | Outdoor,Swimming,Near Rexburg

The Sand Dunes


The Sand Dunes just north of Rexburg are a popular attraction for off-roaders.  It’s also a popular place for bonfires, and camping.  Students will often go just to play sports on the sand, or slide down the dunes on inner tubes and makeshift sleds.

The Dunes stretch 35 miles long, and are 5 miles wide on average, and are no more than a 20 minute drive from Rexburg.

Egan Lake


Nestled against the sand dunes, is a little body of water called Egan Lake (named for the nearby town of Egan).  Not really a lake in terms of scale, this little body of water never gets more than 4 feet deep.    However, it’s shallow depths make it warmer than larger, deeper lakes in the area.  Egan Lake is a popular place in the summer to cool off, and people often play frisbee or football in it’s shallow depths.

How to get to Egan Lake:

1. Travel North on 2nd East, past Walmart.
2. Keep going north for 8 miles.
3. Turn left At the Red Blinking light on 500N. (Not the yellow blink light, the red one)
4. Continue west on 500N. for 3 miles.  You will see a sign on your right, that says Egan Lake Access.
5. Turn right at the sign.  You can park anywhere in the large parking area.